The Life of a Widow is Hard!

     The Widow's Might Program seeks to instruct, encourage, and empower these women shown below by providing food assistance each month, five goats in the first year (to help them start their own self sustaining herd), skills training, and Bible instruction. The cost of this program is $65 per month, and the length of the program for each sponsored widow is 24 months.

     We are thrilled that several dozen widows have already completed this 24 month program and another many are currently in the program. Others have been interviewed and qualified for this program, but still wait for sponsors.

     Click on the video below to hear Pastor Jeff's testimony of how sponsoring a widow has blessed him and his family. Then scroll down to learn about widows currently waiting be part of this life-changing opportunity. You may sign up on this page to sponsor any one of them.

Nashuru Ngojine



Nashuru's family married her at a very young and tender age of 11.  She remembers being very scared.  She was the second of three wives.  The first wife was very kind to her and took good care of her.  The third wife that came after her was also very young.  Her husband died in January of 2021 due to kidney failure.  She is the mother of three boys and two girls. Her girls are married and she lives with her sons.  She helps supports the family by working in the corn and bean fields when work is available. 


Mulejo Otuni



Mluejo had the opportunity to attend school up to the sixth grade.  She was married by the time she was 17 years old.  She is the first of three wives.  Her husband died in 2015 from illness, leaving her with four children. One of her daughters still lives with her.  She supports her family by doing garden work, despite struggling with problems with her eyes.  Her biggest challenge is supporting her family.​   


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