Kibera Hope Center

     Located in the slums adjacent to the Nairobi City limits, Kibera Hope Center is unique in many ways.  It began using the facilities owned and operated by friendly churches and other Christian groups.  But as of 2019, we have had our own permanent and secure concrete building to house supplies and carry out our programs. The activities are the same as in all the other Hope Centers.  Kibera is the third largest slum in the world and the largest in Africa.

     A daily feeding program provides numerous children with the only meal they will receive that day.  Our Saturday Bible Club is well attended each week with 150 to 250 children as our staff  teach the children bible songs and stories about Christ.  The Kenya Hope staff is faithful doing door to door visitation.

     Our presence provides security and hope for families in desperate situations.  Kibera is rife with crime, poverty and those looking to prey on the helpless and defenseless.  Our staff regularly steps in to assist those who cannot help themselves.

     With our new building, and registration as a society, we are have a great place for training women in livelihood projects including bread making and sewing.



  • Funding for the feeding program
  • More staff for the programs

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for wisdom for the staff as they try to meet the many needs
  • Pray for wisdom in the efforts to purchase a property to construct a facility
  • Pray for safety of the young children, especially girls who are at risk living in the slums
  • Pray for funding for the feeding program
  • Pray for the children attending the Saturday Bible Club and hearing the Word of God
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