Ilkerine Hope Center

     The people of this community were in an extremely difficult situation when Kenya Hope stepped in to give assistance.  The repeated droughts that had effected so many other Maasai communities was having their effect here as well.  Their only water source was an eight mile hike to an unclean river.  Elephants in the area often made it difficult for the children to get to school as did the long distance they had to walk. Kenya Hope was able to put in a deep well in 2019, and this fresh water source serves the Hope Center as well as the surrounding community.

     Ilkerine now has its own church building with Pastor Jackson faithfully teaching the Word of God.  They offer classes from pre-school to 8th grade. But they are still in desperate need of more classrooms, as well as housing for the teachers. The children here rely on the feeding program at the school. For many, this is their only meal that they receive each day.  With the droughts, feeding the children has been a critical care issue.  Their former kitchen was a small crumbling mud structure, but thankfully Kenya Hope was able to construct a permenant kitchen with an efficient boiler that uses far less firewood to prepare the meals!



  • Build more classrooms
  • Build adequate housing for the teachers
  • Teach local women (particularly widows) sewing and bread making to provide sustainable income

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for salvations and spiritual growth
  • Pray for protection of the children from wildlife and disease
  • Pray for the funds to build quickly to meet the growing needs of this center
  • Pray that the leadership of this community would help achieve these goals



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