Located in far western Kenya, on a hillside overlooking Lake Victoris, Kisumu is a very independent center.  They have built a full scale clinic and residence for a doctor.  They have also completed an administrative building. The city of Kisumu has the highest ratio of HIV/AIDS in Kenya.  There are hundreds of AIDS orphans in the city and in the outlying areas of the district. 

     The Bar-Korumba Hope Center  is the only secondary school operated by Kenya Hope.  The committee at this center is very intentional and organized in their planning and implementation.  They have done an excellent job of making this a successful and growing school.

     There are many needs at this center.  One of their greatest concerns is for the young girls who are at risk from HIV/AIDS, as well as the many orphans.  This area used to have a strong Muslim influence, but in the past few years many people have turned to Christ.

     The school needs more classrooms built, along with a chemistry and computer lab to meet the requirements of the Kenya government for a secondary school.



  • To raise additional financial aid for the school
  • To continue to have a Christ-centered influence on the community
  • To have wisdom for the committee and it’s oversight

Prayer Requests

  • For a continued strong Gospel witness
  • For wisdom for the Center leaders in knowing how to continue helping the community
  • For growth of the schools and students
  • For the needed funds to complete and build computer and chemistry labs
  • For the safety of the girls and other students
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