Ololii Hope Center

     This Hope Center grew out of our ministry in nearby Olooltoto, which was a partnership between Eagle Rock Baptist Church of Los Angeles, California and Child Refuge Centres International.

     In 2010, when we learned that children were walking a considerable distance from the Ololii community to attend the primary school at Olooltoto, we decided to help Ololii obtain a school of their own. The need became particularly acute when we learned that children and teachers were endangered by elephants that regularly chased them on the path between these two communities.

     In the next few years, with the help from US teams and the local community, we were able to see classrooms constructed, teachers assigned, and a feeding program begun. Kenya Hope constructed a preschool building, several restrooms, four units of teachers' housing, and a substantial cookhouse, along with three water storage tanks. Since we began, the government has provided electrification and has kept a dirt road open.

    In April, 2021 we were able to drill a deep well for the Ololii Hope Center. The water system is now complete, meaning that young girls of this community will no longer have to haul dirty water up the hill from a distant stream that is not reliable during the dry seasons.

     Kenya Hope Teams have provided medical and dental clinics and have taught Vacation Bible Schools. Currently the Ololii school offers Pre-k through grade 8. Students who pass their exam can hope to go on to high school in the area.


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