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     We firmly believe that a basic education is the key to a more hopeful future for the children of Kenya. While primary education (K-8) is provided free by the government, our students need uniforms, money for books and fees, as well as a nourishing daily meal. Your monthly gift of $35 helps us provide all of these, and keeps that child in school. Please scroll down to see children waiting for your sponsorship.

John Murimi





John lives in the slums with his parents, Joseph and Bilia, and three brothers. He has had challenges with his education since grade one. John's parents struggle to have enough income to care for the family and also keep John in school consistently. He will be sitting for his grade eight examination this year, and is very worried about whether he will be able to go to high school in the future.

(Albert) Damien Agaya





Damian lives with his grandmother, his mother abandoned him while he was two years old, and his brother was two weeks old, since then they have been under their grandmother’s care, the dad is a casual laborer in the slums, sometimes he checks on them sometimes he does not check on them, his grandmother has no job, she is elderly, so finding a job has been difficult. Damian rarely goes to school, most of the time he is at home since the grandmother cannot afford to cater for his education.


Tracy Akinyi





Tracy is the second of three children (one brother and one sister) who are being raised by their mother. She and her family lost their home due to demolition of their house along a railway line for the government. They are currently living with her mother's friend. Tracy's mother works as house help. Tracy would like to become a doctor someday, but the income her mother earns barely puts food on the table.


Nicole Anyango





Nicole is one of six children. and they live with both of their parents. Their father is the breadwinner of the family but works as a casual laborer. This doesn't provide enough income to support the family.


Frankline Chongo





Frankline is part of a family of two boys and one girl who live in the Kibera slums. His mother is a single parent since their father abandoned them several years ago. She is a casual laborer in a hotel, but the job has been affected by the pandemic, and she is currently unable to work.


Beatrice Khavere





Beatrice's mother is mentally challenged, and her father died of alcoholism when Beatrice was two years old. She currently lives with her aunt in the slums of Kibera. This is a very needy family. Beatrice mostly depends on the lunch provided for children by Kenya Hope at the feeding center since it is impossible to get a consistent meal at their home. Beatrice would like to become a doctor.


Bravin Nyakundi





Bravin has two brothers, and they live in Kibera with their mother, who is their sole support. However, she is currently unbemployed and unable to provide for Bravin's education with sponsorship.

Newton Ooga





Newton is the firstborn in a family of three children and lives in the Kibera slums. His father worked in housekeeping in the hospitality industry but lost his job due to the pandemic. Newton's father hopes that Newton can achieve his goal of becoming an electrical engineer and helping to support the rest of the family.

Teresia Wambua





Teresia is the third in a family of five girls. Her father abandoned the family, and her mother is unemployed because of the pandemic. It's a struggle to meet the basic needs of the family.

Naomi Mokeira





Naomi is the only girl in the family with three brothers. Her father worked as a casual laborer but lost his job due to the pandemic. Her mom works as a cook but doesn't earn enough to support the entire family. Naomi hopes to become an engineer.

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