Nkoisusu Hope Center

     We first surveyed the Nkoisusu community in 2013 and prayed for a team to go there. Bethany Church of Longbeach, California was able to send a small team in 2014 and a much larger one in 2018, including a medical and dental team. In June 2019 they sent a second large team, that was very well received. Check out the first video below to see the highlights.

     The only original building at the Nkoisusu Hope Center was a ramshackle wooden  classroom. As of 2018, they now have four cement block classrooms, a storage building, improved restrooms, and a threeplex teacher housing. In 2019 we were able to drill a well that has provided fresh and potable water for the school as well as the surrounding community. Check out the second video to see how important this well project was to the Nkoisusu community.

     The Widows Might training program has also been established in this community. Currently 24 widows are being sponsored by Kenya Hope, but there will always be others awaiting sponsorship. Please check our "Widows Needing Sponsorship" page to see these opportunities to make a long term difference in Nkoisusu.

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