Olooltoto Hope Center

     Started in 1984, Olooltoto was our first center, with teams coming from Eagle Rock Baptist Church in California.  Teams have continued to come nearly every other year since.  The center is now home to a chapel, clinic, and dormitories for over 200 students, primary school to grade 8, housing for teachers, a pastor and a nurse, as well as their own water supply, including a water filtration system.

     The Olooltoto school is ranked 15th in the district of over 130 schools.  They have one of the highest percentages of students who pass their 8th grade exams, allowing them to go on to high school. Now the Kenyan Ministry of Education is considering putting a high school in this community.

     The church is the backbone of this center and community. Through the years, visiting teams have held multiple vacation Bible school programs and pastoral leadership seminars.  One student who grew up at Olooltoto finished secondary and Bible School has been serving for several years now as the pastor to lead the Olooltoto church! Olooltoto has also implemented programs to make it a self sustaining center.  



  • Economic Development
  • Graduate leadership to full autonomy
  • Ongoing Pastoral leadership training
  • Expansion of head teachers office
  • Completion of the expansion of the boys dormitory

 Prayer Needs

  • For Pastor Lepet as he shepherds the church
  • For wisdom for the center leadership as they begin to function on their own
  • For funding for the needed expansion projects
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