Widow's Might Program

Widow's Might - $65 per month  

     This program started in January 2017.  Because polygamy is  practiced widely in these communities, when the husband dies, he often leaves behind several wives and multiple children. These vulnerable women are frequently preyed upon.  The Widow's Might program instructs, encourages and empowers these women by providing food assistance each month, by giving them five goats in the first year (to help them start their own self sustaining herd), by training them with marketable skills, and through Bible instruction.

     This is designed as a two year program, with the goal that these women will be equipped to provide for themselves and their families after twenty-four months, making them far less vulnerable.

     More than five years later we have seen God truly bless this program. As we have helped these widows, they in turn have been able to provide for their children. Currently we have more widows than ever in the program, nearing completion of their two years of assistance. There are many more widows worthy of your help. Click here (Widow's Might), to see the widows who are currently waiting to be sponsored.


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