Kenyan school girls, like girls in almost all African and third world countries, miss an average of 4 out of 28 days a month, the equivalent of 2 weeks of learning in every school term due to their monthly cycle.  During the 4 years of high school, that same girl loses 156 school days, almost 24 weeks of school.  This impacts their ability to score well on crucial tests which determine whether they move onto higher education.  Education aside, dealing with these issues without supplies is a huge burden.  In the past we have purchased hygiene products but it is not a sustainable or viable solution.  We believe providing the girls with washable and reusable sanitary pads is an economical, earth friendly solution.       

   Our goal is to provide each girl with 10 flannel pads and underpants.  We have delivered over 5000 pads since last October! Our volunteers are busy sewing in order to make these girls' cycles easier to cope with, allowing for minimal set backs. 

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