Gifts for Everyday with a Purpose

     Scroll down to see each of the four Valentines choices. Then click on the Order Form button to fill your shopping cart with these beautiful handcrafted items that you can use everyday for a purpose.

Leather Tote Bag - $95 S&H Included

     These handcrafted tote bags come in smooth brown or textured black leather. Each bag is lined with a unique colorful African fabric. A heavy duty zipper closes the bag along with another internal zippered pocket and cloth pockets in the lining. They are stylish and durable.

Day Planner - $55 S&H Included

     Stay organized and focused with our professional, high quality, 6 ring replaceable inserts detailed daily planners. These are available in smooth chocolate brown or textured black leather. The binder has an inside pocket with room for business cards and has a pen holder.

Canvas Tote Bag - $37 S&H Included

     Each canvas tote has been machine sewn by one of our widows from our Widows Might program. These totes have an inside zippered pocket with sturdy leather handles. They are available in olive, navy, and red.

Cross-Body Bag - $47 S&H Included

     This is the newest addition to bags that are sewn by our widows. Each bag is lined with colorful African fabric. They have two zippered compartments and cloth interior pockets. Leather adjustable straps make them a versatile bag for hands-free shopping. They are available in olive, navy, red and black.

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