Dear Friends of Kenya Hope,


This Christmas season, consider giving a gift to change a life. We strive to increase the quality of life for those living in remote villages in Kenya. With each of these gift options, you are truly changing lives and increasing the quality of life for Kenyans.


You will notice that we have added several new agricultural projects that help people become self-supporting. These include hybrid cows, poultry, and planting an acre of crops. Please scroll down to see the options for gifts, larger and smaller. You can make a difference!


Give a gift on someone's behalf, and we will send you a card to give to the recipient with information about the gift so they can read about what was given in their honor. Otherwise we can send the card directly to them on your behalf.


Joy Mueller

Executive Director



If you would like Kenya Hope to send your loved one a card to say that this contribution was made in their honor, please call our office at 616-772-9244 and we would be happy to help.

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